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8/7/99: Yesterday we added about 25 various files which you would know about if you were on our Mailing List. Today I added 1 Cypress Hill, 4 Gang Starr files, Eminem's widely succesful & requested "Guilty Conscience". 3 Eagle Eye Cherrys, 1 Scarface, 1 DJ Kool, 1 Mariah Carey. That's all for today.

8/4/99: Just added 1 Ja Rule, 2 new Public Enemy Tracks, 2 New Pearl Jam Tracks off their upcoming LP. 4 New Moby Tracks. A few Chemical Brothers, 1 Mos Def, 1 NiN, 1 Nas, 1 BlackMoon, 1 Medina Green, 1 Dilated Peoples, 2 Company Flows, 1 Meat Beat Manifesto, 1 new Fatboy Slim track and one RZA. One last thing, JOIN OUR MAILING LIST

8/2/99: Last night we added the full Silkk The Shocker album "Charge It 2 Da Game" (with the exception of 1 song.)
Also the Gang Related Soundtrack was added to the Death Row Records SectionDon't forget to join the Mailing List so we can e-mail you our updates. One last thing, there's now New 2Pac Information available to read.

8/1/99: Well don't worry about voting because that shit's a f#cking jip. The shittiest sites down there are at # 1. ( I say shitty b/c of 1. they're crappy design 'n huge load times. 2. Their amount of content doesn't come anywhere near ours +we're everexpanding into new sections, such as the Label Pages and a 2Pac Section with interviews, lyrics, rare full length Webtv Compatable RealAudio, articles, and "Alive Theorys".) We also have a Mailing List now so join that and either Pyro or I will let you know whenever we add something (You'll never get an e-mail with just "Added 2 new songs" b/c we update with almost 20 songs everyday. Later tonite I'll be adding the entire Gang Related soundtrack to the Deathrow Section

8/09/99: Added 11 Pearl Jam's, 17 Bone Thugz-N-Harmony and 25 Beck.   Also I'd like to point out a weird fact I've noticed with "Other" RealAudio sites specilizing in Rap, 1 site in particular, "Jason's RealAudio". See this site claims to have 89 2Pac Rams, while that is true, this site was designed on Webtv for primarily webtv users just like our site. But more than half his 'Pac songs aren't WebTv compatable, meaning they're in RealAudio 4.0 or above. So when you go to his site and read "89 2Pac songs now available, check 'em out!!!" or some shit, don't get your hopes up.

8/08/99: Added 14 Blink 182s, 2 Jurassic 5s, 1 Rahzel, 2 DJ Spinna's, 1 Group home, 1 east, Flatbush Project, 1 Maxwell, 2 canibus, 1 New Radicals, 1 Breakbeat era, 12 Matchbox20's, 11 Eve6's, 28 Smashig Pumpkins's and 12 Smash Mouth's